Green Blogosphere Lens Update

Thank you kindly for all of the various notes and comments on the Green Blogosphere Squidoo Lens — I’m glad many of you are finding it useful. I’ve got an update and a request. First, I’ve changed the “Cool Green Blog of the Day” set-up: I’ll keep a week’s worth of cool posts up now instead of just that day’s. As for my request: the Green Blogosphere is booming, and I’m falling behind. Take a look, and if you’re green blog isn’t listed, let me know. I’m generous (perhaps to a fault) with listings (just take a look at the blogrolls), but I generally do want to see several months worth of activity before listing a blog (we know how many die a quick death in the blogosphere), and, regardless of age, I want to see recent activity. You don’t have to be as obsessive as I am, but if you haven’t posted since some time last year, I probably won’t list it.

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