Five for Friday: Green Blogs Posts for the Week (5/21/10)

Bike to Work day... one of the big topics on the green blogs this week
Bike to Work day... one of the big topics on the green blogs this week

Once upon a time, a significant percentage of my posts were inspired by other green bloggers. I kept a close eye on what was happening in the green blogosphere, and frequently responded to, or extrapolated from, the ideas my fellow bloggers put out there.

While I do still keep a close eye on things, I’ve made a conscious effort over the last few years to avoid contributing to an “echo chamber” within our space… something gets lost if we’re all writing about the same things. But something also gets lost if we’re not talking amongst ourselves: blogging is a form of social media, and my efforts to keep things unique have also made me less… well… social.

So, in recognition of the larger green blogging community, today I’m launching a new feature: Five for Friday. Each Friday, I’ll take note of five posts on other blogs within the environmental blogosphere that caught my attention…

The inaugural Five for Friday: green blog posts from the week

And since it’s our first edition of Five for Friday… let’s break the rules…

  • Don’t want to use Five for Friday for self-promotion, but I am thankful to the folks at home solar power site Calfinders for publishing this interview with me…

Of course, limiting this to five posts means we miss a lot of good stuff… so feel free to share other great green blog posts from the week in the comments.

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Image credit: miz_ginevra at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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