Green Business Blog Carnival #11 at Green Marketing TV


Better late than never, right? The folks over at Green Marketing TV ran into some issues last Friday that forced a postponement of the Green Business Blog Carnival… but they were able to get Edition #11 posted yesterday, and it was worth waiting for.

So, what’s the buzz in the green business blogs over the past or so? Well, sustainability in B2B companies, green MBA programs, and renewable energy storytelling, just to name a few topics…

My favorite this week: a potential addiction, no doubt. Dan Harding has a very thorough review of CEO2: The Climate Business Game, a new online game produced by the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) and financial services provider Allianz. Think you could run, say, an energy company in a manner that keeps shareholders happy while also minimizing carbon emissions? Try it out… it looks like a lot of fun (and I’m so staying away from it right now…don’t need another time suck).

This Friday, the Carnival moves over to Green Building Elements, so stop by and see what all the green business bloggers are discussing. If you’ve got an appropriate post for the Carnival, submit it via the form at Triplepundit. And if you’d like to host the Carnival on your blog, check the schedule for upcoming open dates, and claim one.

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