Green Business Blog Carnival #13


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up… it’s Carnival time! Welcome to the greatest show in the green business blogosphere… the Green Business Blog Carnival!

Hopefully, you made the trip to Green Building Elements last week for edition #12 of the Carnival (and, of course, you still can)… and now’s the time to mark your calendars for next week’s stop at Planetsave.

Got a great round-up of posts this week for ecopreneurs and green corporate titans alike… so sit back, click around, and get into that long weekend groove. Let’s get started (and, as always, some appropriate music to complete the experience…).

This week’s Green Business Blog Carnival

  • Even “fast fashion” getting greener: Susanna Schick at Feelgood Style reports on the biannual Magic apparel industry trade show in Vegas… and finds that sustainable practices are (slowly) making their way into an industry based on rampant consumption.
  • One-stop info on social enterprise conferences: Looking for opportunities to network with other folks in the social enterprise space? Green Marketing TV published an ultimate guide to social enterprise conferences this week…
  • The solar light bulb hits the market: Here at sustainablog, we featured Nokero’s new solar light bulb, which is aimed at bringing artificial lighting to areas of the world without reliable electric power.
  • Ten states setting the bar for energy efficiency: Elisa Wood at Cleantechies takes note of the US states making the greatest strides on energy efficiency… and shows why these efforts are critical to increasing employment numbers.
  • Web collaboration on the cheap: We ecopreneurs need our collaboration tools… and often need them at reasonable prices. So, another great one from Green Marketing TV — a list of collaboration apps that provide a wide range of functions, and won’t break a small green business person’s bank…
  • Green the office, cut the costs: No reason to spend money to waste energy and materials, so Calfinder’s Residential Solar Blog has a full list of suggestions for greening the office that will also save the company money.
  • Climate change killing plant productivity: A Very Different Earth‘s post on global warming’s effects on plant productivity shows that this isn’t just a biological issue, but also a threat to economies largely dependent on agriculture.

And that’s our Carnival for the week… hopefully you’re not feeling too dizzy! Keep in mind that we’re always looking for great posts on green business every week… so if you’ve got one on your blog, send it to us via the submission form at Triplepundit. And if you’re interested in hosting the Carnival on your blog, check out the schedule, and let us know an open date that works for you.

No fast fashion here… just organic and sustainable clothes from some of the most recognized brands in the space. Ready to add to the wardrobe? Check out our current listings from Project Green Label, Human Wear, Tees for Change, and Prairie Underground.

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