Green Business Blog Carnival #2

The greatest show online... the Green Business Blog Carnival

Welcome to (or welcome back to) the Green Business Blog Carnival, your weekly wrap-up of some of the most compelling content published on sustainable business. We’re proud to be co-sponsoring this traveling series of news, insight, and inspiration with our friends at Triplepundit (who got us started with the first edition of the carnival). Next Friday, head over to The Inspired Economist to see what’s hot for the week…

Since we call this a carnival, let’s make sure we set the proper mood… maestro, strike up the band

And away we go…

And that’s a wrap for the week? Want our hosts to consider a post from your blog for upcoming editions of the Green Business Blog Carnival? Send it to us via our submission form. If you’re interested in hosting the carnival, check out the schedule, and let us know when you’d like to feature the week’s best green business news on your blog.

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