Green Business Blog Carnival #6 Up at Green Marketing TV


It’s Friday… and that’s means lots of link love. We’ve already published our Five for Friday hat tips… now, on to the Green Business Blog Carnival, which stopped by Green Marketing TV this week.

As usual, a really interesting line up of stories… from green homes as investment opportunities to solar energy studies in Arizona (a good place for them!). My favorite this week, though, was Sofia Ribeiro’s contribution from The Green Economy Post, which discusses green consumer trends, and the rising marketplace power of EcoMoms. Essentially, consumers really want to go green… but they have to understand how it works for them.

The Carnival keeps a’rollin’… next week, it will head over to Calfinders’ Solar Blog. If you’d like to get a post submitted for that one, head over to the form at Triplepundit by next Thursday at midnight Pacific time. If you’d like to host the Carnival (and we’re going to be needing hosts soon), check the schedule, and claim an open date…

If you’re like most consumers, “green” means “clean,” or free of toxins that can harm your family (including your pets). We’ve got all sorts of listings for non-toxic goods in the Green Choices product comparison engine, including tub & tile cleaners, natural cosmetics, organic personal care products, and the steam cleaner of choice, the Eureka Enviro Steamer.

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