Green Business Blog Carnival #7 at Calfinder’s Solar Blog


It’s almost the weekend, and here at sustainablog, that means giving some love to the weekly host of the Green Business Blog Carnival! This week was the biggest yet, and Calfinder blogger extraordinaire Taylen Peterson clearly had a lot of fun putting this week’s edition together at their Residential Solar Power Blog.

So what’s on tap this week? Well, China’s moving to the head of the pack on developing affordable solar technology. There’s a water car out there, and its name is Frankie. And a fashion entrepreneur thinks he might be able to leverage his new brand to clean up beaches and oceans (and, yes, that’s my post from SUNfiltered).

My favorite of the week, though… The Inspired Economist’s look at how hospitals are realizing they can flex their purchasing power muscle to increase demand for antibiotic-free meat. Won’t that raise costs for food? Yes… but one hospital figured out that the cost increase corresponded pretty closely to the price tag for treating one staph infection (and those may be on the increase because ofΒ antibiotic-resistant strains). Sounds like money well-invested! Institutional spending can be a tremendous force for change…

Next week, the Carnival stops at Eco-Libris’ blog… make sure to come by. If you’d like for Raz and crew to consider a post, send it in through the submission form at Triplepundit. And if you’d like to host the Carnival, check the schedule, and claim an open date…

Do your weekends up in green style… whether it’s recycled patio furniture for backyard fun, tents and sleeping bags for a camping trip, or eco fashion for a night out on the town.

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