Green Business Blog Carnival #8 at Eco-Libris


A little slow on the jump here, but the Green Business Blog Carnival did make its scheduled stop on Friday at Eco-Libris’ blog. This was the second time the Carnival was hosted at a green company’s blog… we hope to see more of that in the future.

So, what did Raz and crew find interesting in the green business blogosphere last week? Everything from potato starch-based polymers to green marketing to green business certifications.

My favorite post, however, came from our partners at Triplepundit (I try not to do that generally, but you’ll see why). Β RP Siegel found a great clip of Seventh Generation’s Jeffrey Hollender discussing the concept of radical transparency… and the lengths to which he’s gone (much to the chagrin of his marketing management and attorneys) to put this concept into practice.

This coming Friday, the Carnival heads to The Matter Network… so make sure to mark you calendars. If you’ve got a good post from your blog on a green business topic, submit it for Carnival consideration. And we’re always looking for good blogs to host… so check the schedule, and let me know what date you’d like the Carnival to stop by your blog.

Like Seventh Generation products? We’ve got a ton of them currently listed, including their kitchen cleanser, paper towels, and dishwashing liquid.

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