Green Business Blog Carnival #3 up at The Inspired Economist


Been on the road most of the weekend, so getting to the most recent edition of the Green Business Blog Carnival kind of late… but it’s still there. Our friends at The Inspired Economist served as our first non-founder host, and did a bang-up job: from green marketing, to solar for small business, to green real estate, there’s a whole range of goodies…

I enjoyed reading all the posts, as usual. My favorite (just because it’s so encouraging): many potential home buyers see green features as “must-haves,” according to a new survey by AvidBuilder. Jim Simcoe at The Bigger Pockets Blog gives his thoughts on this welcome trend.

This Friday, the Carnival moves over to David Coethica’s blog, so make sure to stop by and see what’s hot in the green business blogosphere. And, of course, submit your own relevant posts… and consider hosting an upcoming edition of the carnival.

Thinking of starting your own green business? The Green Choices product comparison engine has a wide range of office supplies listed, including recycled notebooks and paper, sustainable office furniture, and energy-efficient computers.

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