Introducing the Green Business Blog Carnival


Want to join a conversation, or find information, on green business? It’s not difficult: “green,” “eco,” and “responsible” have become integral terms surrounding discussions on business. Web sites, blogs, and online communities dedicated to these concepts have appeared as quickly as media campaigns touting the sustainability of corporate efforts.

Have trouble keeping up with news and insight about green business published at those sites, blogs, and communities? So do we… Even if you only visit the top-tier sites on these topics, there’s still a lot of information to cull through.

In order to help you get a handle on some of the best content coming out of the green business blogospere, Triplepundit and sustainablog have decided to launch the Green Business Blog Carnival. This traveling digest of green blog posts will feature brief overviews of some of the week’s best content in the green business space… think of it as an online version of one of those “business book summary” services.

The Carnival will kick off next Friday (June 11) at Triplepundit; the following week’s edition (June 18) will appear at sustainablog. From there, the Carnival will “travel” to sites around the web to blogs publishing the latest and most insightful content on green business. Each Friday, we’ll make sure you know what site to visit to get your weekly dose of sustainable business inspiration.

Want to participate in the Green Business Blog Carnival?

If you’re a blogger writing about green business, or a green company with a regularly-updated blog, we’d love to have you join us! If you’d like to submit a post for consideration in the next edition of the Carnival, just use the form at Triplepundit’s carnival page. If you’d like to host the carnival, see the schedule at sustainablog’s carnival page, and get in touch with the date you’d like to host.

Got questions? Fire away… get in touch with Nick Aster at nick at triplepundit.com, and/or Jeff McIntire-Strasburg at sustainablog at gmail.com

Image credit: accent on eclectic at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

  1. heckety

    This sounds like a really great idea- I will follow your posts with interest.! Basically its getting someone else to do the leg work and then cashing in…doesn’t seem fair really…

  2. Iris Keatley

    have already been reading your weblog for a several days. genuinely appreciate what you posted. btw i’m conducting a study about this area. do you transpire to understand some other excellent websites or possibly forums exactly where I might possibly get much more information? thanks a great deal.

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