Green Chic Round-Up

A couple of interesting items on the marriage of design, style and environmental responsibility:

  • From the Salt Lake Tribune via ENN, an article about 3form, Inc., a company that make architectural design panels.

Walls of Ginkgo leaves and bamboo. Curved lighting fixtures made with recycled glass. A door laced with beaded copper mesh woven by AIDS-impacted women in Africa for a fair wage.

Since 2002, 3form Inc. has impressed the architecture and design industry with its unique building materials — and its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

The Salt Lake City company makes architectural panels, which can be left flat or bent into curved shapes, by encapsulating an “image layer,” such as pink fabric, crushed post-consumer glass, digital photographs or iridescent sea shells, between two layers of EcoResin made with 40 percent recycled content. The outside of the panel can be left smooth or imprinted with texture. Customers pick from 70 colors, more than 100 image layers, eight gauges and 40 textures.

  • Lisa Grove, a principal at If Green, sent me a press release on this new Oregon-based company.

β€œWe believe that if you create something beautiful, people will buy it. Our goal is to go β€˜beyond Birkenstocks,’ marrying the fine craftsmanship of traditional furniture-making with sustainable materials. One look at our furniture and you will see: sustainable can be stylish,” said Lisa Grove, one of the company’s three founders.

The If Green difference is that its furniture makes a difference: every piece is made with sustainable materials including bamboo, palm wood, sunflower board, reclaimed fir and FSC certified wood, to name a few. The company is serving customers directly through their website www.ifgreen.com. Another If Green difference: every piece will be made to order at their shop in Portland, Oregon.

Concerned about the growing use of formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals in furniture, If Green prides itself on safe and healthy sustainable materials. They are one of the few furniture makers in the country to take this approach. Just as important is that design does not take a back seat to sustainability: If Green’s furniture is attractive and affordable.

Congratulations to Lisa and partners! After browsing the site, I must say that the furniture is lovely…

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