Green Closet: Sustainable Fashion is a Lifestyle

Eco-chic fashionistas of Ecover’s Green Closet know buying sustainably-made clothing is only a small part of greening up your wardrobe and lowering your carbon footprint. It’s equally important to use low environment impact, all-natural cleaning products and methods to care for your favorite looks.

Since its debut in May, the Green Closet has become a must-see in the blogosphere for the latest fashion news and tips from designers Tara St. James and Auralis, and celebrities like Kate Middleton, Penelope Cruz,  and many others. It’s also full of quick and easy information to care for your clothes. For instance, consider skipping the washer and dryer to launder your clothes. You’ll use less water and energy. And hand washing helps clothes look better and last longer. Find more tips like these at #greencloset on Twitter.

If you love runway-inspired clothes and accessories as much as I do, you won’t want to miss your chance to win handcrafted dresses from Synergy and other cool gifts from eco-companies in Green Closet’s monthly sweepstakes. It’s always free to enter, and you can sign up on Facebook. Be sure to check back on the site for a special giveaway from Study by Tara St. James coming in December and many more next year!

The Green Closet is one way that Ecover, a sustainable company with over 30 years of experience making organic, plant-based cleaners for every room in your home, is helping to keep you and your family’s closets and the environment more beautiful.

Look for my interview with Tara St. James to learn how she made her first collection of men’s and women’s clothes in high school.

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