Just for Kids: Fashion Brands Create Eco-Friendly Looks for Little Tykes

kallkids in sustainable fashion

Grown-ups are no longer the only ones dressing in ultra-chic, sustainable fashions; designers are creating a niche especially for kids. We’re seeing “pre-loved” vintage clothing revamped into new styles, modular garments made to last through growth spurts, and the ultimate hand-me-downs envisioned through the lens of “utilitarian cool.” Children are the future generation of shoppers. It’s time now we show them that trendsetting looks can be ethical and environmentally safe.

With fresh collaborations, closed-loop fabric dyeing and more, The Fableists is Britain’s newest children’s brand to produce practical, rock-and-roll inspired looks that your son and/or daughter would be proud to wear. You can feel reassured about your purchases as each garment is made from  organic cotton by workers who receive fair wages and respectful treatment. A portion of the company’s revenue goes to buying books for children in need.

As the father of four busy children, the brand’s founder Matt Cooper urges customers to pass on the garments to others with the belief they’ll last for many years. He further noted, “Everyone involved is passionate and excited about the product we are launching and also about our small contribution to the planet and her people. Most of all, we don’t want to set a future deadline to work towards – we want to make changes now.”

Resizing Fashion

The style fun doesn’t end there: Karina Kallio of Kallio in Brooklyn, New York, makes old clothes young again with a lot of imagination, but never any fabric waste. Take a look at this video below to see how a men’s dress shirt is snipped and tucked into a beautiful girl’s shirt dress. The label also makes looks for boys and babies.

Be on the lookout for Nula Kids, a modular children’s clothing line launching next year. The designers create timeless, classic looks that can be adjusted to last up to three years. Visit their website to learn more about their inventive ideas to dress growing little ones all while giving back to the environment and saving you money.

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