Green Energy in Syria

From Reuters via Climate Ark, a novel approach to bringing renewable energy more into the mainstream in Syria:

The Trans-European Mobility Programme for University Studies, (TEMPUS) brings together academics from Austria, Germany and Syria. They study ways to improve the curriculum and train staff in the better development of environmentally friendly ways to produce power, ranging from windmills to solar energy…

The TEMPUS project is designed to develop a curriculum for renewable energies, train teaching staff accordingly, establish new experiments and organise [the] transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience among the partner universities; Kassel University in Germany, Graz University in Austria and Damascus University, said Bessonne.

While I’m a big fan of some of the recent green developments at US universities, most of those will affect only thse university communities themselves. It’s good to see international scholars addressing these issues in terms of the larger public good.

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