Green Energy Squared

From the Santa Cruz Sentinal via Green Car Congress, news of the opening of what may be the country’s first solar-powered biodiesel filling station:

“This is a fuel for everyone, not just the hippies,” said co-owner Jorah Roussopoulos, 25, who opened Mountain Feed and Farm Supply four months ago with his business partner and girlfriend of 10 years, Andi Rubalcaba, 26.

The pair got the government certification they need to sell biodiesel behind their shop Monday.

“Our dream is an old-style country store,” Roussopoulos said, powered by solar power and biodiesel. They already filled up their forklift and vehicles with the fuel, he said.

This is not only a great example of individual initiative to promote clean energy, but also of the power of public-private ventures. If you’re in the Santa Cruz area and drive a diesel, you know where to stop…

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