Green Fast Food

Now, there’s a phrase that brings some ugly pictures to mind, but in this case, it’s a good thing. From GreenBiz via Earth Vision, a report on Vancouver, WA-based The Holland, Inc. (owner of Burgerville and Noodlin’ fast-food restaurants) and its commitment

to provide 100% of its electricity needs, both at its chain stores and also at its corporate headquarters in Vancouver. The adoption of wind power for the company’s Burgerville restaurants represents the largest national implementation of renewable wind power within a quick-service restaurant chain.

Apparently, this is not the first action The Holland has taken in the direction of creating more sustainable fast food:

“Our approach to running a successful restaurant is based on putting guests, employees and communities first,” said Jeff Harvey, chief operating officer, The Holland, Inc. “From the innovation of our food concepts, to the use of fresh and sustainable local ingredients, and now with the selection of wind power for our restaurants and offices, we remain committed to business practices that benefit our guests and enhance the communities we live in.”

Seems like a logical next step for this company (and other fast-food companies) might be converting their used cooking oil to biodiesel. With as much frying as they do, this could be a profitable sideline.

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