‘Green General Store’ Opening in St. Louis

From the Commonspace Blog, shopping for home improvement and household items is about to get a little greener in St. Louis:

Home Eco, St. Louis’ first environmentally friendly home goods store opens this month in South St. Louis. The retail store and showroom brings St. Louisans a new way to shop for planet-friendly products for home and garden.

Located at 4611 Macklind Avenue in the South Hampton neighborhood, just four blocks south of Chippewa at Devonshire, Home Eco offers a range of renewable, sustainable, recycled and just plain good-for-the-earth goods for the home.

Native St. Louisans Terry Winkelmann and Phil Judd conceived of the idea after discovering many of the products the couple needed for their new home were not available in St. Louis stores.

“There are a lot of virtual ‘green’ stores on the web and mail order catalogs,” notes Winkelmann, “but I don’t always want to try things sight unseen, or pay for shipping heavy items like a compost tumbler. I guess I’m a Show-Me Stater, but I have to see something to know if I really need it.”…

A sampling of Home Eco’s selection of sustainably made products includes: composters, bamboo and cork flooring, bioplastic trash bags, recycling bins, organic cotton sheets, hemp apparel, soy candles, kenaf cards, and soon, solar panels and other renewable energy products.

Store hours are Tuesday through Friday 11 to 7 and Saturday 10 to 4.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about this! I’m also very happy to see that Home Eco will be located in the city. It doesn’t look like they have a website, but if and when they have one, I’ll get it up…

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