Green Globetrotting with Eco Hotels of the World

Showcasing the most environmentally-friendly hotels in the world, Eco Hotels of the World is a leading global online guide for the ultimate in green travel accommodations, from sustainably designed new hotels or resorts to once-in-a-lifetime ecotravel experiences like staying in an igloo in Switzerland.  Each accommodation is evaluated based on a five star rating system that examines energy, water, waste disposal, eco-activity (communication), and ecological protection.

Based in England, Eco Hotels of the World searches the globe for leading examples of hotels that appeal to the eco-adventurer in us all.  Who doesn’t want to bivouac in style on the Dark Continent with elephants passing near by at a safe distance — and where the money paid to the hotel helps conserve the habitat, support the local community, and protect the elephants?  There’s a dizzying range of size, scope and degree of comforts and amenities for hotels included in Eco Hotels of the World, so you’re not just getting a listing of the ultra-swank-eco-hotels that will break your bank (even if some of the funds do, in fact, go to helping preserve the environment or benefits the local community).  It’s all about choice with a conscience, and Eco Hotels of the World is a great place to plan your green getaway.

The 131 hotels now featured in Eco Hotels of the World have been personally selected by the website’s editors to ensure that they meet the standards required to be considered an eco-friendly hotel, including stewardship of the natural environment, ecological sustainability, proven contribution to conservation, provision of environmental training programs, incorporation of cultural considerations and provision of an economic return to the local community.   A departure from most other eco-hotel review processes, hotels cannot pay for inclusion in the listing, nor does Eco Hotels of the World accept commissions on bookings in order to remain independent and objective.

Launched by Alex Conti in 2008, Eco Hotels of the World reflects Conti’s global perspective on ecotravel. “Initially Eco Hotels of the World was really designed to show people that travel is an incredible social tool allowing us to meet people, learn things and even redistribute wealth and that these positive aspects could be enjoyed in a very responsible and eco-friendly way,” explains Conti, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.  “There was also an urge to highlight the story of wonderful people around the world that do everything they can to preserve their local environment and showcase it to those who visit them.”

Beyond the website, there’s also the Eco Hotels of the World guidebook by Alex Conti.  This authoritative and visually stunning, full-color book will jolt even the most committed arm chair travelers out of their seats, reaching for their passports and packing their bags.  For avid ecotravelers, it offers numerous rare finds for new eco adventures.  The engaging narrative about each hotel is woven together with a colorful and compelling design that highlights the key practices and features of each accommodation.

For any ecopreneurial business, transparency is an important aspect of how they operate their enterprise.  Befitting this, Eco Hotels of the World features a built-in customer review system where every hotel can receive a customer rating that will be shown in full on their site.

“Ecotourism makes the world a better place because it allows us to enjoy the massive benefits of ecotravel knowing that we are not harming the very destinations we visit,” sums up Conti.

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  1. Global Patriot

    Ecotravel will continue to increase in popularity, and people will seek out reputable sources of information on which destinations and accommodations are certified to be eco-friendly based on a list of standards.

    The issue of transparency, in which customers have the ability to register their own impressions, is a key component in making sure the information reported remains valid.

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