Green Home Remodeling Initiative Announced for Veterans Day

A happy Veterans Day to sustainablog readers who’ve served in the US military… and happy Remembrance Day to Canadian vets.

For many veterans of the US armed forces, the rewards of their service are intangible: pride, discipline, commitment to country and community. Of course, veterans also receive more tangible benefits — educational assistance, low-interest home loans, health care — but as we’ve seen over and over again, the provision of these services is often less than ideal. Yesterday, the American Society of Interior Designers announced a partnership with Rebuilding Together’s Veteran Housing Initiative to support our veterans by assisting them with home renovation; part of that support will include “[providing] REGREEN resources, the nation’s first sustainable residential remodeling guidelines, to Rebuilding Together affiliates.”

[social_buttons]REGREEN, a partnership between ASID and the US Green Building Council, was launched in March, and is dedicated to “…the development of best practice guidelines and targeted educational resources for sustainable residential improvement projects.” The ASID/RT partnership will begin with a pilot project in the Washington, D.C. area, and will involve “…[renovating] the home of a deserving veteran.”

Of course, this isn’t the first green building program aimed at veterans: Dawn Killough took note of Homes for Our Troops back in August. Nevertheless, it’s good to see that sustainable building and design initiatives aren’t limited to high-price commercial and residential building: people who need the economic benefits of green design (lower energy and utility costs, for example) are receiving this kind of assistance, and it should reap rewards for these veteran homeowners, and the communities in which they live. Furthermore, these kinds of efforts can serve as a model for other housing non-profits, and even for-profit builders of housing for lower-income people… and show that green building isn’t just fashionable, but creates economic benefits. Shoot, there might even be a long-term stimulus effect…

I look forward to following the progress of this partnership. But, this is just one effort — are you aware of other projects aimed at greening housing for veterans, low-income homeowners, renters?Β  If so, share ’em below…

Image source: Rebuilding Together

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