Green Housing Complex Planned in India

During the final hours of Blogging ‘Round the Clock, I posted a somewhat coherent entry on plans for a green research center in India. Now, from the Hindustan Times, there’s news of plans for solar leapfrogging in the residential housing market:

Kolkata will soon have country’s first environmental friendly housing complex. A pilot project would build 25 houses of 1800 sq ft costing between Rs 38 and 40 lakh each.

“The complex will be having 25 houses and one community centre. The unique feature of the complex is that all the houses will be eco friendly, energy efficient. They will generate their own power from solar… which will be integral part of the building itself. That is the uniqueness of the project,” said Dr S P Ganchaudhury, Director, West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Authority (WBREDA).

The solar power systems on the houses would be grid-integrated, meaning that now both Indiana and India are beating my home state of Missouri to the punch on net metering. Sigh…

Via EcoPortal.

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