Green Long-Term Care?

I can’t remember if I mentioned back in January that my new employer is focused on the long-term care industry: elder care, care for people with disabilities, and the issues, institutions and services involved in providing these types of care. One of the things I’ve started looking into is the greening of the long-term care industry: Is it happening? If so, where? What forms is it taking? Green building? Renewable energy use? Green sourcing of products? You get the picture. I’ve come across at least one example: the Laguna Honda Hospital Replacement Program in San Francisco. I’m at work at another article right now, so I thought I might throw this question out there while I’m still at the searching stage: are you aware of any long-term care facilities or providers that using green practices, products or materials in their day-to-day work? Nursing homes, assisted living centers, rehabilitation hospitals, social service providers — this is a broad industry. If you know of anything, I’d be grateful if you shared it in the comments. I’ll be happy to look into these projects, and write about some of them over the coming weeks.

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