Will a Green MBA Serve Your Career Goals? [Infographic]

Ten years ago when I started sustainablog, an MBA in sustainable business may have struck many as mostly a feel-good degree: unless you could get hired on at Dr. Bronner’s or Seventh Generation, the sustainability angle wasn’t going to mean a lot to hiring managers. And, of course, the opportunities to earn such a degree were also pretty limited. These perceptions weren’t entirely accurate… but they also weren’t entirely off-base: the idea of doing business in a triple bottom line manner was still awfully new, and many were skeptical.

A lot’s changed in the past decade. Many in the Fortune 500 have joined the niche hippy-dippy companies in focusing on sustainable business practices. Β As such, that green MBA creates many more opportunities than it once did. Take a look at this infographic from Marylhurst University (which – surprise – has an MBA program with a sustainable business focus) to see how this degree could serve you in terms of creating a career path that pays you well and aligns with your values.

Need a larger version of the graphic? Just click on it…

sustainable business mba infographic


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