My Twelve Green New Years Resolutions for 2011

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Ready for 2011? Start thinking about your New Year's resolutions now.

Editor’s note: Seem a little early for resolutions? That was my immediate thought… but then I realized we’re a third of the way through January! Time to start thinking of those self-improvement ideas for the new year… and Lior has some great ideas.

At the end of a year it is common practice for many people to want to start the new year off on the right foot. In order to help them do so they set resolutions for themselves. I personally decided that this year I am going to set twelve resolutions for going green. I am tired of being broke because of rising costs, and I have a growing concern about our environment. My thought is by going green I am addressing both of these issues.

1. Cut down on trash

When I take a close look at the amount of trash that I put out everyday even aside from the recyclables, I am shocked. I then realize that by doing some careful grocery shopping, for example, I could easily reduce the amount of trash by half.

2. Reduce electricity consumption

The hardest part here is that even though I am conscious of how much electricity we consume as being the bill payer of the house, the problem is convincing the rest of the family to conserve electricity. My resolution here focuses on getting the family to cooperate in this effort.

3. Cut down on water waste

I would have to say that this is one of my weakest areas. I have the habit of letting the water run while I brush my teeth, or rinsing the dishes with running water instead of filling the sink with rinse water. I personally can think of a multitude of steps to take here to not only save money, but reduce unnecessary waste of water.

4. Cut down on pollution

My focus here is going to be to have a family home inspection day on New Year’s day to determine how our way of living is contributing to pollution. Then throughout the year 2011, I hope to be able to implement some changes to help reduce this.

5. Buy eco friendly products

I have never given much thought to eco friendly products in the past. I have observed however that more of these products are becoming readily available on the market. There is really no inconvenience to taking a few minutes of extra time when shopping to seek out eco friendly products.

6. Find heating solutions

One of my major areas of focus is going to be on finding an alternative heating solution. I have no doubts that with my current system I am not only depleting precious commodities, but adding to the pollution.

7. Recycle

I go through the motions of recycling our weekly trash, but I have not given much thought of recycling other items in our daily living. For example, instead of taking my old tires to the dump, or throwing out clothes and furniture, these are certainly recyclable items that I have not given much thought to.

8. Give back to nature

This year instead of spending a fortune on plants that only last for the season, I am going to concentrate on planting trees and shrubs that are not only going to save me money in the long run, but are excellent for the environment as well.

9. Buy local produce

I have never given much thought before as to how much damage using imported produce for example can do to the environment. I still have much to learn about this area of going green. I have learned though that just the fuel consumption alone to transport these products is greatly adding to the air pollution alone.

10. Cut down on air pollution

I have a twofold goal here for this resolution. One is by not using my car as much, I am going to get some much needed exercise. Then, of course, there is the savings on the fuel, and the reduction of pollution that is going to fit in nicely with my going green resolutions


I have come to realize just by putting these resolutions together that there is much that I don’t know when it comes to going green. I can also say the same for my other family members. Therefore the focus this year will be to educate ourselves on environmental issues.

12. Sticking to it

My biggest resolution of all and the hardest is to remain determined to carry through will all of these much needed and very important resolutions that I have just outlined.

Everyone wants to better themselves, and I am hoping to do this for myself and my family by going green for 2011.

Got your own green New Year’s resolution? Let us know about it…

Lior Levin works for silk tallit company Galilee Silks.

Like these ideas? Need help implementing them? We’ve got the products you’ll need to green your lifestyle in 2011, including LED lighting, water saving faucets, energy saving power strips, and even organic cotton diapers.

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  1. Interior Decor Design

    Good for you! It is true, without even knowing it we consume and waste so much that the least we can do is give back. By using eco-friendly paint and printing materials we have been able to cut down on our carbon emissions.

  2. Julie

    Can I borrow your resolutions for my weekly newsletter? (For a college in Iowa.) I will post a link to your blog at the end of each post I put in my newsletter. (I’m thinking about doing two a week for six weeks.)
    Thanks for considering it!

  3. Marge

    Your resolutions are a great reminder of doing the right thing for the environment. I notice (sadly) how much food is wasted along with the packaging it comes in. When we buy local, much of that packaging is eliminated and the product is fresher.

    My local library has a “free table” for magazine recycling. I bring in my ‘read’ magazines and take others that interest me. This way someone else is reading my current issue and I am reading theirs.

    Thanks for the tips! — Marge

  4. thezestyonion

    I recently watched “Dirt, the Movie”…so my next step is going to stop my chemical yard service and try to find a natural alternative. I’m sure there is a company out there that can help with yard weeds without chemically polluting my soil.

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