Green Options Turns One: Feel the Energy

solarpanelssun.JPGWhen I got bored one summer and decided to start a blog about renewable energy and private sector leadership, I never imagined it would open up such a wider world of blogging and lead me down this wonderful road to Green Options. This site has allowed me to explore the online world as much as the energy world, and that’s been just as exciting (I’m finally getting into del.icio.us).

My background is in energy policy, so what I’ve learned over these past 12 months is not so much a broader understanding of energy solutions but a better understanding of what people around the world think about solutions. Almost everyone wants a new, cleaner, more efficient energy system. And while we may differ as to whether that will include more wind power, less nuclear power, or research into ocean energy, I believe the agreement and willingness for change is there. This has translated into my posts in which – for the post part – I haven’t been as intent on getting out my opinion as trying to foster a conversation about the best routes to take and the larger questions about reaching that ultimate point.

I think the Presidential election could take us down a whole new road of climate solutions — and we are ready. The question is, will we decide to work together on an array of technologies and initiatives — preparing ourselves for some give-and-take — or we let our differences get in the way of the greater good and delay progress even longer?

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    I think that the 2008 elections can assist but the awareness has reached to the point of no return. So, whatever the ellections results will be, the private sector will do the rest. I just saw lately some numbers that shows that in one year the investments in renewable energy jumped from around $100 m to $2 bilion (I’m sorry for not providing a link, I don’t remember where I saw it). Renewable energy is a necessity and I believe that eventually it will be a mix of solutions.

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