Green Passover: Now That’s Kosher!

10727668_36178feaf6_m.jpgAs Jews prepare for Passover, there are a number of resources available to combine the traditional seder with concern for the environment. The Jew and the Carrot, a website that focuses on “Jews, food, and contemporary issues,” has a guide to a green seder. Suggestions include using organic cleaners for the ritual cleaning before Passover, local apples and fairly-traded pecans for the charoset, growing your own greens, free range eggs, organic meat, and ideas for vegetarian/vegan sedarim. There are even some choices for organic kosher wine.

The Passover seder is a ritual feast that includes symbolic foods telling the story of Israel’s exodus from slavery in Egypt. Meg Dickler-Taylor is the owner of Large Marge Sustainables, and she is catering “The Sustainable Seder” in Los Angeles.

Dickler-Taylor spoke to the Workmen’s Circle, the host of the seder, about ways to incorporate sustainability into their Passover celebration. Her tips included bringing their own bags to the supermarket, using durable plates instead of disposable, and making organic and local food choices.

“Passover is a celebration of a lot of things, primarily the freedom of the Jews [from] enslavement of Egypt. Every year, if we are to create a dynamic civilization, we have to reapply that concept of freedom to what we’re experiencing in our environment right now,” Dickler-Taylor said.

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