Green Roadtripping Comes to Reality TV

From Vendely Communications, news of the latest green offering in reality TV: Coolfuel Roadtrip.

Beginning the week of September 5, 2005, stations across the U.S. will air the first episode of COOLFUEL ROADTRIP™. In 18 episodes, viewers will travel with a crazy bunch of adventurers, meet celebrities including Daryl Hannah, Jack Johnson, Ed Begley, Jr., and Alexandra Paul and get to know America’s new innovators. These COOLFUEL ROADTRIP pioneers are involved in a 16,000 mile road-trip across the U.S. and are sure to change U.S. fuel woes into a happier reality….

COOLFUEL ROADTRIP is a raucous ride on American back-roads, by-ways and highways exploring the variety of non-fossil fuel dependent vehicles and fuels available. Hosted by Murphy, Australian TV adventurer and personality, the show delivers the all-American road trip, complete with humor, drama and adventure. Murphy, his loyal dog Sparky (a better scene-stealer than Rupert Everett in My Best Friend’s Wedding), and their crew travel around the U.S. without using gasoline.

“A coolfuel is anything besides gasoline,” explains Murphy. “You can grow it, squeeze it, fry it, heat it up, or catch it. Heck, you can even generate coolfuel with your own two legs!” And in 18 episodes the energetic and passionate Aussie takes on the challenge of finding and using coolfuels. Murphy says, “Along the way we have a great time with the celebrities who are really into coolfuels, and we meet the innovators and inventors who know a thing or two about designing and building vehicles and developing fuels from a wide range of resources. It’s just fantastic!”

Among the “coolfuels” featured on the show: “hot rocks, cow manure, garbage, hempoline, food, sugar and vegetable oil.” This sounds like great fun, and a fantastic way to promote alternative fuels. Has anyone caught an episode of the show yet? If so, what did you think? Right now, a St. Louis station hasn’t picked it up, but if you’re in one of these markets, check it out.

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