Greening Hollywood: Green Graywater Gardens

Water H20 3G

Since many of the dinner attendees, including Stephanie Molen from Sen. Pavley’s office, Frances Anderton, Producer of Warren Olney’s To The Point on NPR, and Catherine Geanuracos of LiveEarth have extensive experience in presenting information in digestible form to large audiences, we steered the conversation toward Water Messaging in Media and the question of which issues to focus on right now

Susan Munves, Santa Monica Green Building

[Water Conservation and Clean Water were two topics at the fore. One of the dinner guests, perhaps it was Edward Headington who counts Breathe L.A., hosts of the Green Salon Series, as one of his clients, or maybe it was Josh Green, the late Dorothy Green’s son, or maybe it was] Susan Munves from the city of Santa Monica Green Buildings Program – or, likely it was all three – who said we need to keep the message short, sweet and simple. The message represented by a one-punch image that will resonate with the Facebook crowd. Something like Water “H203G.” Stay tuned…

Dinner was generously provided by Chef Simon Dolinky of Palomar’s Blvd. 16 who runs a kitchen stocked fully with organic and sustainably farmed ingredients. His platters of roast pork smothered in fresh roasted vegetables and his seafood platter of fresh shrimp, mussels and chubby scallops were all heaven-sent.

Jen Mullen of Jam Gourmet provided us with a fig and gorgonzola pizza – wonderful combination of savory and sweet – and a romaine salad with paper thin-sliced crisp peaches, red onions, pine nuts and feta. Mendocino Farms, the fully sustainable downtown eatery who is opening up their second location in L.A. on 5th and Flower, provided us with Chef Judy’s Seasonal Farmer’s Market Salad with Arnett Farms Fuji apples, parmesan cheese and honey roasted almonds on organic farmer’s market greens with a sherry vinaigrette.

The Green Family’s Otelia, who was first brought into the family 41 years ago by Dorothy, helped with the fluidity of the dinner. Indeed, it appeared that she was delighted by the home being used, once again, as a hub of activity for the water tribe.

Water…for the Next Generation…
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Greening Hollywood: Green Graywater Gardens

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