Greening Hollywood: The Method Behind ESPN’s Madness

The Crystal Method on XGames 3D The MovieX Games3D: The Movie opens wide in theaters across the nation Friday. Pumped by The Crystal Method’s soundtrack, the movie’s tempo conveys just how amped these Top-of-Their-Game athletes are when they show up to play.

July saw back-to-back bonanza sports weekends with ESPN’s X Games following on the heels of the annual ESPYs. Both took place at downtown L.A. Live’s entertainment campus which includes the Staples Center, Nokia Theater, and the Conga Room.

View the 3D Trailer Here, with The Crystal Method’s Drown In The Now: [X Games 3D: The Movie marks the first sports-based full-length feature film in 3D. It’s in theaters for one week only.]


Review from Rotten Tomatoes: Directed by award-winning filmmaker Steve Lawrence (β€œDown the Barrel”), the film uses groundbreaking digital 3D techniques to provide an unprecedented all access pass to the X Games. Iconic action.

There is method behind ESPN’s madness of staging such huge, star-studded and action-sports packed events so close to one another. Namely, in their quest to reduce, reuse and recycle they were able to do just that, for a significant amount of the materials, used for both events. No carting, no hauling, no demolishing – just “reinventing.” In fact, the 2009 ESPYs represented a major step in ESPN’s continued commitment to environmentall friendly productions as the event, for the first time, was carbon neutral. By implementing stringent recycling and composting measures, the ESPYs were virtually waste free. I can personally vouch for that, as ESPN hired one of the best in the biz, Michelle Plotkin, to make it happen. Plotkin and her team personally sorted mountains of trash to be recycled and then followed the trash caravan style the morning following the events to the outskirts of the city to make sure it was recycled properly. Plotkin put herself on a sort of 24-hour duty call of trailing the trash-4-recycling stream.

“The ESPYs celebrate the best in sports every year, so it makes sense for us to raise the bar and make this event as green as can be,” said Maura Mandt, executive producer. “Each year, we will find new ways to improve to our efforts.”

Here’s a glimpse of ESPN’s How To:

Reduction techniques included:

  • Set and decor elements designed for reuse with many used originally in 2008;
  • Locally rented items used wherever possible to ensure reuse;
  • Purchasing consumables locally in bulk reduced excess packaging waste;
  • Reusable water bottles and refilling stations eliminated over
    5,000 individual single-use bottles;
  • Beyond basic recycling of paper and beverage containers, construction and demolition debris, cardboard, food waste, electronics, even cooking grease were also recycled.

In 2008, 6.3 tons of C02, equivalent to driving approximately 13,000 miles, was avoided through use of alternative fuels, non-petroleum products and other energy saving tactics. To check on 2009’s updated stats, go to www.espys.tv.

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