Greening Your Lawn

Yes, nothing denotes the dream of suburban bliss more than a well-manicured lawn, but, hey, we all want our yards to look good. Dave Pollard has a throrough overview of steps you can take to “green” your lawn in every sense of the word.

I’ve been thinking hard about following his last step, going native, by planting buffalo grass (a native prarie grass) in my backyard (hat tip: The Earthways Center)– the “sun and shade” seed mix just isn’t cutting it, even with lots of worm poop, compost and mulch (for anyone who likes power tools, a Black and Decker “Leaf Hog” is great for turning Fall leaves into mulch — it’s electric, also). With the lack of rain we’ve been experiencing this summer, it just seems foolish to try to maintain something that’s not cut out for these conditions. For Missourians, the Missouri Departments of Conservation and Agriculture has a great resource on native landscaping.

Via Treehugger.

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