Greenpeace opposes wind farm plan

As you read this BBC article (via Eco-Portal), keep in mind that Greenpeace is not opposing wind energy in general. As part of it’s statement on this proposed British wind farm,

Greenpeace said that it backed the use of wind energy as a way of reducing global warming.

But it said the cost of laying an undersea cable to the mainland had determined the scheme’s size. It also fears for the impact on bird numbers.

Greenpeace is concerned that a variety of rare birds, including golden eagles, merlins, dunlins and greenshanks, could be displaced or killed by the development.

Of course, I’m concerned about the NIMBY-type anti-wind activists grabbing onto this and saying “Look, even Greenpeace doesn’t like wind power,” so I can’t say enough that they don’t like this particular project.

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