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hangin with sustainablog local holidays

Got your holiday plans firmed up? No doubt, you know if you’re traveling, but beyond that, you may still have lots of preparation ahead of you for Christmas,Β Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. You’ll be tempted to head to the nearest big box discount store and get as much of the necessary shopping done in one fell swoop.

That’s tempting, no doubt, but you may feel much better about your buying (and may even alter it somewhat) if you choose to “go local” this holiday season. Sure, that means patronizing locally-owned businesses and serving locally-sourced meals, but it can also mean much more. How much, for instance, do local cultural traditions play into your celebrations? Will you be making gifts or meals from local-known and available ingredients and/or materials? You can take this concept as far as you’d like… and the local economy, environment, and culture will all benefit.

Join us tomorrow – Thursday, December 5 – at 3pm Central for this week’s “Hangin’ with sustainablog,” where we’ll discuss the many ways you can “localize” your holidays. I’ll be joined by several of my Important Media friends – Becky Striepe of Eat.Drink.Better and Jeremy Bloom of Red, Green, and Blue have promised to come by – and Robin Shreeves of Mother Nature Network will also join us. Got your own local traditions, activities, or practices that you associate with the holidays? C’mon by and share them with us.

  1. Dan Garner

    Love it. One thing we do is to locate a family in need and donate right here in our neighborhood. I’ve gone so far as to sneak onto someone’s porch at night and leave gifts from Santa.

    Dan Garner

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