Happy Easter…

To those of you celebrating it! We’ll be doing the family dinner later today, but otherwise I’ll be cutting grass and writing. I do have things to celebrate, though not nearly as spiritual in nature:

*Got a nice plug in today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch (scroll to the bottom):

Next Saturday is Earth Day, so give the Earth a hug. When you’re done, wipe the dirt off your shirt and point your Web browser to Sustainablog.

Run by St. Louisan Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, Sustainablog links up news, information and personal meanderings related to environmental and economic sustainability, green and sustainable business, and environmental politics.

Go green at http://sustainablog.blogspot.com.

Thanks to features photography editor Bill Keaggy for the nod…

*Also, a number of us got a plug the other day at Seventh Generation’s Non-Toxic Times newsletter:

Blogs are big, and to hear some proselytizers tell the tale, they’re just a few posts away from replacing traditional news outlets and other ordinary media with something far more fresh and immediate. We don’t know about the replacing part, but we definitely agree that blogs bring something new to the table. There are fascinating blogs on every subject, and the environment is one of them.

As we prepare to launch a blog of our own, our first assignment was to check out the scene and see what was out there. What we found was that while no one was doing anything quite like the blog we’re planning, there were nonetheless plenty of interesting environmental sites to be found. Here’s a brief look at some of the ones that we like best.

In addition to sustainablog, NTT takes note of Gristmill, The Greener Side, Two Steps Forward, The Neo Commons, commonground and Groovy Green. Found this one via Enrique

I plan to be back later — hope many of you have a great day planned with family and friends.

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