Help the Green Divas Achieve Global Domination with a Digital Radio Network

gdgd radio network logo

gdgd radio network logo

OK, I’ve been called a green dude many times, but I owe Green Divas Meg McWilliams and Lynn Hasselberger for making it official: they added me to their roster of “Green Dudes” earlier this year. I’ve had a great time doing the radio show, as well as occasionally contributing to the blog, and have more scheduled with the Divas in the new year. So, when they let me know their next big step towards Green Diva Global Domination, I was all ears… and ready to do my duty as a Dude…

So, what’s the scoop? Something brand new in the green media world: a digital radio network. The Divas want to take their air time to 24/7, bring in some existing shows, create some new ones, and generally open up a can of whoop-ass on the current state of green and healthy living broadcasting. The Green Divas Global Digital radio network already has some commitments from big names in our online niche, including

  • Running with Nature with Mariel Hemingway & Bobby Williams
  • Earth Matters with Bill Kurtis
  • GVK (Good Vibrations with Kristin)
  • Mrs. Green’s World
  • The Mike Nowak Show
  • Yale Climate Connections

It’s a pretty impressive line-up so far, and there’s more to come… but all of this takes money. So, the ladies have gone all crowdfund-y on us: here’s the video from their campaign on Fanbacked:

A $50,000 goal is definitely ambitious… but also achievable. And with Lynn hinting atΒ something about streaking through Chicago should they hit their goal, it’s worth it to kick in a few bucks just to see what that’s all about! They do have some very sweet rewards for pledges: from the usual (though no doubt fabulous) t-shits and tote bags, to producer credits, to a trip to Hawaii for one very generous donor.

So, interested in green lifestyle listening whenever you want it? Than consider contributing – how many opportunities do you really get to support world domination? Let us know if you make a pledge…

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