Help Schlumpy Get 1 Billion Plastic Bags Off of the Street


Schlumpy? Huh? Schlumpy’s an 8-foot plastic bag ball touring the country to build awareness of the 100 billion plastic shopping bags Americans use each year. That’s right… billion!

Want to help Schlumpy out on his crusade?

Take the pledge to reduce your use of plastic bags.Β  Our friends at Blue Avocado are running this campaign. and provide you with a number of tools to spread awareness. Blue Avocado does sell alternatives to plastic bags, and while you certainly want to check out their gro-pak grocery kits, there are lots of alternatives to plastic shopping bags out there… show Schlumpy your love by choosing the one that works for you.

  1. Martin

    Some of best sources for reusable shopping bags are free. Check with local environmental organizations and municipal government. Also keep an eye out for stores that give them away with a minimum purchase.

  2. art

    The advert doesnt hit you enough…it makes the bags seems cute playing the soppy music and slowly rolling around and letting people touch it…just ban bags and people will find other ways…simple

  3. 2muchstuff

    I completely agree with art, the only way plastic bag waste is going to be drastically reducedis if they are banned, or if there is a charge for them in grocery stores…a strategy which has worked well for a number of countries.

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