Hemp Bill Getting Attention

The Hemp Bill is now getting some attention in the Sustainable Blogosphere: Joel Makower has overview of the bill, Dave Roberts has a brief post on Gristmill about it, and Dirty Greek and Radical Noesis also have some thoughts. Alison at the Philosophe Forum scooped us all, though, pointing to the introduction of H.R. 3037 way back on July 1st.

It’s good to see this proposed legislation getting the attention it deserves — this is pretty major. Of course, we all need to take a moment to write our Congressperson. With all due respect to NORML (the sponsor of the first action alert), I think it’s very important that we make it clear that legalizing industrial hemp has nothing to do with legalizing marijuana. The latter is an important fight for some, and I think it has some merit, but allowing the two to overlap only gives ammunition to hemp’s political critics.

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