Hemp Proves Its Value as a Building Material

Parts of the hemp plant can be used for all sorts of products: from textiles to food and drink. The idea of building with hemp, though, Β may seem a bit far-fetched. Our friends at Ecolocalizer have discovered a North Carolina-based builder doing just that, though: he’s used HemPcrete (a product I covered at SUNfiltered) to build durable, well-insulated, and even non-allergenic homes. Check out Brett Gustafson’s post below, and let us know what you think.

Nation’s First Hemp Constructed House Built in Asheville NC (Video) (via EcoLocalizer)

Asheville is continuing to be at the edge of innovation, green culture, and sustainable living. Β Last month we wrote about the Β first wild foods market opening in the US and now Asheville Β is highlighted at the cutting edge of hemp construction. Although growing hemp is currently illegal in the…

Featured image credit: Edward the Bonobo via photopin cc

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