High-tech, Efficient Home Combines Beauty and Environmental Friendliness

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WildFarm collaborative is not your typically design and architecture group. These folks are not the minds behind cookie cutter homes in the suburbs with SUV’s in the garage, electric garage door openers, and automatic everything. For WildFarm, the focus and emphasis is different. They are part of the green building movement but they are much more than a green building company. As opposed to building energy efficient high tech houses, they want to build energy efficient, high tech habitats.

They have a bit of a Frank Lloyd Wright-esque mentality when it comes to building. The idea is that the structure should look as though it belongs there. In addition to the structure “fitting” with the surrounding landscape, they also like to see these structures derived from the surrounding landscape. With the principles of efficiency, beauty, and assimilation, WildFarm created its Spacecraft cabin.

This is not some out-of-this-world looking design that is all curves, steel and shiny metals. The name is a bit of a misnomer. This is a beautiful, classic, natural looking structure that employs both environmental friendliness and aesthetics. This cabin, inspired by a Japanese building in a park in Pasadena, is tiny, but absolutely full of character. The building is made from all wood and glass, sourced from the local area.

The Spacecraft cabin is a tiny 160-square feet, but the space is used intelligently. Not only is this cabin beautiful, sourced from local materials so as to fit within the natural environment (and provide some amazing views), this cabin maximizes the use of space. This tiny cabin has a very open and airy feel, thanks to the tall windows and unmarred views of the surrounding scenery. This cabin and other projects from the WildFarm collaborative, show that humans can live, without much impact, within a pristine natural environment.

Spacecraft cabin is small, but big in character. It is small, but manages not to feel small. It was smartly and efficiently built, using local resources. The character of the building is such that it feels as though the building belongs there. The creators hope that Spacecraft cabin may end up being a portable, affordable, transportable form of temporary or leisure housing. Buildings such as these are incredibly relaxing and beautiful, but they do not tax the local environment as large, sprawling homes with huge yards do.

Innovative design is all around us. Efficiency, environmental friendliness, and the maximization of one’s use of space do not have to come at the cost of beauty. Cabins do not have to be these obvious structures that stick out from the surrounding environment – if there is one – like a proverbial sore thumb. Spacecraft cabin is a tiny building with huge character. It fits into its natural surroundings as though it was built along with the forest. This type of innovation could help drive the building principles of the future, blending functionality with form in an amazing way.

How do you think this type of home would impact society if it was an affordable option?

Image Credit: Tyler Strause

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