Home Wind Turbine a First for San Diego


Driven by his desire to go green, Tim Williams recently became the first San Diego resident to install a wind turbine at his home. The 3.4-kW Falcon turbine, a product of WePOWER, has since gone live, and will hopefully convince other homeowners to follow suit.

This particular model is conducive to residential homes because it is vibration- and noise-resistant. In addition, the Falcon turbine is virtually maintenance-free and poses no threat to birds.

In order to have the turbine approved, it had to be presented before the County Building Department and inspected by a third party. TUV SUD America, Inc., a company that exists solely for testing and certification, approved the job after inspection.

WePower is now a leader in the wind power industry, outfitting such big names as AT&T, Best Buy, Tata Energy, and Lockheed Martin. They also have a wide array of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines that set them apart from the rest: 600W, 1.2kW, 3.4kW, 5.5kW, and 12kW.

Each qualifies for a 30-percent federal tax credit and is backed by the California Energy Commission.

As San Diego residents take note of Tim Williams’ cost-effective Falcon turbine, WePower expects similar installations to crop up throughout the region.

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VAWT photo used with permission from WePower. For more information, visit WePower’s Falcon information page.

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  1. Hannah

    Does any one have Tim williams contact information? I would love to ask him a few questions about his turbine, so that I can improv the one I am building.

  2. Palomarbob

    I have never found any vawt in “san diego” that can out put more than 90kwh total for any length of time measured in years ( they always give no data ( mariah/windspire installed in a couple of places ( even in their parking lot ( ( ( ( ( so always find a system that puts out real energy ( ( ( ( ( a con is a con year after year a nubee uses real $ to buy words ( ( ( ( (

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