Honey, We Need Milk and a Solar System

Solar on HouseCould a solar power system be coming to a home improvement store near you? Perhaps. Since 2004, BP and Home Depot have teamed up to offer residential solar systems in California, New Jersey, and Long Island, New York stores. But now it’s been expanded to more states that have good solar power incentives on the books, like Colorado, Texas, and Arizona.

You can’t exactly buy them off the shelf: Like any big home improvement, customers make an appointment with a local installer who evaluates the home’s energy needs, sun exposure and makes a recommendation on the size of system to install. It’s called the BP Solar Home Solutions program; BP helps to train Home Depot employees on the system.

It’s not just for treehuggers, either. The state of Arizona is branding this effort as a practical, money-saving issue as well. With so much stress on the power grid and demand increasing, the more customers that can get power from their own rooftops, the better.

>> California residents, find out the solar potential of your home with Renewzle’s solar power calculator.

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  1. Maria Surma Manka

    Thanks very much, Elliott. I worked for a fabulous nonprofit organization for a number of years called Fresh Energy (www.fresh-energy.org) and worked on renewable energy policy in the Upper Midwest. Smart, sophisticated people who make good policies happen are a great influence! And I really think energy hits the sweet spot of issues: Jobs, technology, health, the environment, national security, etc are all related. Thank you for your readership!

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