How A Shipping Container Restaurant Is Bringing Supper Club Concept Back To Asheville [Photos]

shipping container restaurant smokey park supper club
shipping container restaurant smokey park supper club
The Smokey Park Supper Club in Asheville, North Carolina

As we’ve noted numerous times before, shipping containers – which are cheap, sturdy, and readily available – have captured the imaginations of designers, architects, and builders. Want to upgrade the housing stock in a city’s dilapidated downtown? Shipping containers might be the answer. Want to build a hotel for an event… and then use the “rooms” other places? You might want to use shipping containers. How about a new restaurant based on the mid-twentieth century notion of a “supper club?” Designers, restaurateurs, and design firm SG Blocks have all come together to build such a space on the banks of the French Broad River in Asheville, North Carolina, and they’ll use shipping containers as the restaurant’s building blocks.

When completed, the Smoky Park Supper Club will focus on wood-fired fare: menu creator ChefΒ Mark Rosenstein saysΒ “Think charred, seared, and smoked–all the many nuances of cooking with flame. At Smoky Park Supper Club, we’ll do it all: seasonal vegetable sides and slow-roasted local meats.” Β The establishment will operate in the style of the classic supper clubs from last century, which means it’s designed for families to spend the whole day at the property, and have dinner in the evening. After dinner, guests can enjoy live music.

Set to open this Spring, Smokey Park will be the largest shipping container restaurant in the US. The waterfront restaurant consists of 19 containers, which shortened construction time significantly: the main structure went up in a mere 3 days. Take a look:

Smoky Park Supper Club – 19 Containers 3 Days from Douglas Hecker on Vimeo.

I’m guessing the Smokey Park Supper Club will only enhance Asheville’s reputation as cool and hip… seems to me it’s turning into the Portland, Oregon, of the East Coast. Take a look at the photos below, and then tell us what you think about this latest shipping container creation.

an expanded view of the smokey park supper club
An expanded view of the restaurant



the front door of the smokey park supper club
The front door
chef mark rosenstein cooking over a wood fire
Chef Mark Rosenstein works his magic over a wood fire

All photo credits: Keli Keach Photography

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