How to Get Healthy Skin: Five Fruits for an All-Natural Look (Part 1)


strawberry healthy skin

Summer is here, and the temperatures are rising. It’s time to unpack your shorts and sandals and load up on everything you need for healthy, beautiful skin—fruit. The essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants found in fruits will give your body’s largest organ an all-natural makeover without the use of expensive creams or procedures. The following fruits are great additions to your diet, and will provide the necessary nutrients for healthy, beautiful skin.

  1. Kiwis have been deemed the “king of fruits” for their abundant source of vitamin C, which your body uses to make a connective protein in the skin called collagen. Collagen is useful in slowing the appearance of aging due to skin losing its elasticity. The fruit’s seeds contain high levels of omega-3 fatty oils to aid in healing cuts and scratches. You can say goodbye to wrinkles, blemishes and dry skin by including kiwis in your summer picnic basket.
  2. Berries may be small in size, but their antioxidants pack a big punch in ridding your body of free radicals that may cause skin damage and illnesses. They are a natural source of alpha-hydroxyl and salicylic acids to lessen dead skin cells, reduce acne and combat the effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays, one of the most harmful dangers to healthy skin. These fruits are must-have additions to your diet for overall great health and skin.
  3. Lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits can be your secret weapon for a youthful appearance. The vitamin C in these fruits works to produce collagen and elastin, which keeps your skin feeling smooth and taut. The juice in these fruits works well to unclog and tighten pores in the face for a radiant and glowing look.
  4. By adding bananas to your diet, your skin is sure to feel smooth and soft. The tasty fruit contains many important nutrients including potassium, natural fats, complex proteins and antioxidant properties to aid in soothing inflammation and moisturizing dry skin.  The peel of a banana also has been found useful in reducing skin irritations like swelling and redness, and diminishing the look of scars when rubbed on the site.
  5. Apples are champion fruits with rich amounts of collagen and elastin to keep your skin firm and looking refreshed. Researchers also have discovered that the procyanidin B-2 compound found in apples can promote hair growth, and the fruit’s stem cells offer much promise in improving the effects of aging and skin damage. No matter how you choose to eat these crunchy treats, you’ll be protecting your skin while in the sun.

Be sure to add all of these delicious and versatile fruits to your summer recipes, or enjoy them alone to keep your skin healthy and glowing this season. Look for part two of this post for tips and recipes to use these fruits to make inexpensive, do-it-yourself skincare remedies.

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  1. debbie

    Great article. You have hit on some of the best fruits to add to your diet. And there are plenty of homemade recipes available to use these wonderful ingredients directly on your skin. Banana is one of my favorite ingredients – you’d be surprised at what a banana mask can do for your skin.

    1. Talancia Pea

      Thanks, Debbie! I’ve recently tried a “tropical” facial mask made from kiwi, strawberry and cucumber, and it left my skin feeling softer, smoother and cleaner. I’ll definitely add more fruit to my beauty regime! Be sure to look for Part 2 of this series coming soon.

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