How To Turn Plastic Bottles Into Twine [Video]

twine from plastic bottles

As a good greenie, I’d argue that plastic bottles are one of those things we should think about mostly in terms of “reduce” rather than the normal “recycle.” But I also use them: I generally don’t buy bottled water or soft drinks, but I can’t say “never,” either. And, of course, my pantry and fridge – probably much like yours – both have numerous items that comes in various plastic containers. The battle never ends… and recycling them is definitely preferable to sending them to a landfill.

So, I was kind of fascinated by this video when I first saw it. Yes, the English in the subtitles is awful, and I’m still kind of unclear about how to make the Bottlecutter 2.0 shown, but I do kind of like the idea of reusing plastic bottles in this fashion. Depending on what you’re using the twine for, it strikes me as a longer-lasting solution than many of the products created from recycled plastics.

So, can you better translate the instructions for building this device for us? I’m kind of stumped on that front. Or, if you just have other ideas forΒ using twine or ribbons extracted the bottles, do share…

via Sploid

  1. Clinton John

    I think I got the gyst. Looks like a planer, or joiner blade inside the channel held by the all-thread and a nut. The slots sawed into the channel are just deep enough to access the edge of the blade on side the blade is mounted to, and the length of the slot on the adjacent leg of the u-channel determines the width of the strip produced.

    I like it.
    Pretty cool actually.

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