Important Media Celebrates Human Rights on Blog Action Day ’13

blog action day 2013

Here at Important Media (of which sustainablog is a part), we know we’re largely known as a “green” blog network: most of us focus closely and regularly on environmental issues. But we’re very interested in a range of progressive causes and ideas, so delving into human rights as a part of this year’s Blog Action Day was barely a stretch at all: we’re definitely interested in stories about political and social equality. While I’m not sure if all of our blogs will be joining the fun today, many of them will. I’m playing “Master of Ceremonies,” and making sure that all of the BAD13 posts from around the network get some love.

So, take a look at what we’ve published as our contributions to Blog Action Day 2013. I’ll update this post throughout the day, so make sure to come back by and see what’s new. And, of course, check out other sites around the web through the live feed at the BAD home page.

Our Blog Action Day ’13 Posts:

Feelgood Style takes a look at the myriad human rights issues in the fashion industry.

Eat.Drink.Better digs into issues of labor and ethics within the food system.

Crafting a Green World asks the craftivist community to consider where its supplies come from.

Here at sustainablog, I combined BAD with World Food Day (also today), and took a look at soil health as a human right.


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