‘Inconvenient Christians’ Giving Away Tickets

A couple of weeks ago, I took note of Share the Truth, a site dedicated to getting as many people as possible to see An Inconvenient Truth by facilitating a peer-to-peer network of donors and recipients of film tickets. Today, Treehugger takes note of another site giving away tickets to the powerful documentary, Inconvenient Christians. As you might gather from the site’s title, it’s aimed at “Bible-believing Christians,” and asks in return (though doesn’t require) that ticket recipients return to the site and share their thoughts on the film. The site also features a link to a Christianity Today review of the film that’s very positive while pointing out (as others do) a few relatively minor flaws.

With the disagreements we’ve seen among American evangelicals regarding global warming, I’m glad to see that someone (though it’s not clear who) is encouraging Christians to see this film and discuss it. Those of us who aren’t believers, or at least not believers in a literalist sense, often tend to lump evangelicals into a single group, but there’s clearly a healthy debate going on about climate change in Christian circles. I hope this continues, and that many evangelicals find a way to reconcile their faith with the overwhelming scientific evidence that An Inconvenient Truth presents. Throughout the film, Al Gore argues that we’ve got a moral obligation to address this problem, and I’m guessing that will resonate with many people of faith.

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