Infographic: Energy Efficiency and Electric Motors

Where are the main opportunities for increased energy efficiency? Buildings and transportation are probably the first things that come to mind. But, according to global energy services giant ABB, electric motors (particularly for industrial use) account for 45% of world energy consumption. They also present some of the best opportunities for energy savings: with existing technology, these motors could be up to 57% more efficient.

ABB has put together the following inforgraphic, and given us and sister sister Cleantechnica the opportunity to publish it on the day that the EU is introducing legislation aimed at leveraging the efficiency opportunities available for these motors. Take a look, and let us know what you think… and check out ABB’s own energy efficiency initiatives.

  1. Sharon Mathew

    It is true that electric motor consumes a large part of electricity all over the world. If more energy efficient electric motors are used, the electricity consumption can be reduced substantially.Your graphical presentation of the issue is nice.

  2. home performance energy auditor

    This is by far the most informative infographic I have seen on electric motors and their potential for energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases. Do you know if any computer optimization models are being developed for electric motors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? What greenhouse gases are produced by electric motors? I know ozone is produced by brushless motors but are there other greenhouse gases produced? Do you happen to know which electric motor brands produce the lowest amount of greenhouse gases? Which ones are the most energy efficient? Have the longest product life? Require the least amount of maintenance and repair? Or do you happen to know where I can find that information?

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