Beautiful Music from Instruments Made Out of Recycled Materials

A couple of weeks ago, I toyed around with writing a post on an old DIY project from Mother Earth News: a mandolin made from a ham can. I ultimately decided that, even though sustainablog readers love upcycling, that a project like that was just a little too niche.

Then I came across this:

Amazing! Who’d have thought you could get that kind of sound from trash? I think my judgment about the “hamdolin” was off – a story like this could make crafting instruments from trash as popular as, say, knitting or gardening.

The video above is a trailer for a documentary in production about The Recycled Orchestra. If you’re intrigued, check out filmmakersΒ Alejandra Nash & Juliana Penaranda-Loftus’ page at the Creative Visions Foundation for more details, and ways you can help get this film made. You can also keep track of their progress on Facebook and Twitter.

So, now I’m inspired: hit me with your own homemade instrument stories, projects, etc.

via Do the Green Thing, GOOD, and Live Simply, Live Free! at Google+

Featured image credit: Screen capture from “Landfill Harmonic teaser” video

  1. Diane C

    My pride and joy isn’t a homemade instrument. It’s a Conn 645 console theater organ I bought some years back on eBay for $1. I also have a 3 manual Wurlitzer spinet that I only paid for shipping. I passed along my Hammond J100 spinet through freecycle.org

    It’s amazing what treasures we can find if we only look. My purebred dog and 2 cats were from shelters. It’s a shame that we waste in the US what other nations would consider treasures.

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