Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Intentional Community

dancing rabbit community building artist rendering

Ever think about chucking it all, finding a group of like-minded people, and creating a community that aligns with the way you really want to live? Yeah, we’ve all considered that… and a few of us, here and there, have actually acted on the impulse. My trips up to Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage have demonstrated to me that this isn’t just a fantasy: there are people successfully building communities based in share values. But how do you find out about these places, and the methods they’ve used to build something sustainable?

For many, the Fellowship for Intentional Community has served as the starting point for learning about groups focused on “[striving]Β together with a common vision.” Whether you’re thinking of starting (or just experiencing) an ecovillage on rural land, or a cohousing community in the city, the Fellowship (or FIC) serves as a repository of information gathered from many efforts to create living opportunities outside of the norm. Poke around their website a bit, and you’ll discover

The Intentional Communities Directory: Want to find out about communities in your area? Or those focused on specific lifestyle choices? Or certain types of community structures? The Directory has all of that information and more. Freely available online, you can also purchase a paper copy of the Directory.

Communities magazine: This quarterly publication shares the stories of the communities listed in the Directory. Recent articles include advice for starting an ecovillage, the importance of rituals and ceremonies in communities, and even a challenge to the notion of “consensus-with-unanimity” (a common decision-making model). As with the directory, you can read the magazine freely online, or buy a subscription to print issues.

ICWiki: Think Wikipedia focused on intentional community. This crowdsourced resource contains lots of practical information and even documents, as well as insight into important people, concepts, and practices. Freely available online.

So, Where Does the Magic Happen?

Right now, the FIC puts out these publications, and meets its other goals, in a 70s-era trailer located at Sandhill Farm in Northeastern Missouri. As you might imagine, they’d like to upgrade just a bit in terms of their digs, and plan to establish an office at Dancing Rabbit’s Β planned community building. That’ll cost, of course, so they’re running a crowdfunding campaign to pay for half of the new office. Take a look at their pitch video for this project:

They’ve got just over two weeks to raise the lion’s share of their goal – as Laird notes in the video above, a lot of people giving just a little can get them to their goal. Got $5 to support intentional community? Then go check out their project, and consider contributing.

Need support with a crowdfunding project? Important Media’s here to help

Image credit: Architect’s rendering of Dancing Rabbit’s planned green community building

  1. Bill Watson

    Please check out the brochure on our website, we are seeking one more individual or family to join us in a small start-up intentional community in New Zealand’s North Island. Very productive land that has been organic for 18 years. Expressions of interest welcome, more detail will be provided. Buy in now and come aboard at your own pace. Thanks to Jeff for connecting us.
    Bill Watson

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