Introducing Green Options

I promised you an announcement, and here it is. I’ve gone into business with two fellow green bloggers: Shea Gunther (whom you all know), and David Anderson (Citizen Green). Our new company is called Green Options, and our focus is just that: showing users (and getting users to show) the options they have for living a greener, more sustainable life. We’ll have a full range of content, plus tools visitors can use for assessing their own situation, and making the best choices for lightening their environmental footprint. I realize that’s all a little vague (it still has to be at this point), but when we go live in February, you’ll see that we’ve created something pretty unique.

On Thursday, we will be launching our private beta period, and we’re looking for more beta testers. We need people who can “kick the tires” on the site, and then tell us in some detail what they think, what bugs and glitches they found, and what they like/enjoy/find useful. If you’d like to join us, and get an inside look at GO, drop an email to Shea (who’s our Chief Technology Officer) or me. My job, as you might imagine, is content boy (though my official title is Senior Editor and Content Director).

I’ve been just about ready to burst with this news… I’ve been at it for two months now, and David (the CEO) and Shea for several more. We’re very excited, and can’t wait until all of you can join us in February. We’d be delighted if you signed up for an email to announce the live launch (though I’ll certainly have that news up here, too), and promise we’ll only use your address for that…

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