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I hope you enjoyed the Illustrated History of the Missouri Botanical Garden — I feel safe in saying (and I’m guessing most locals would agree) that it’s a special place in St. Louis. Of course, the direct beneficiary of Blogging ‘Round the Clock will be the MBG’s EarthWays Center, so I also want to point out some of the things that make it special and unique.

As I’ve tried to demonstrate on sustainablog, green building is slowly but surely taking off in St. Louis, and I would make an educated guess that the Earthways Home has served as an inspiration for that. From its web site:

The Missouri Botanical Garden acquired the EarthWays Home and made it the Gateway Center for Resource Efficiency headquarters in November of 2000. The EarthWays Home, a three-story Victorian residence built in 1885 at 3617 Grandel Square, was renovated in 1994 to showcase practical demonstrations of energy efficient systems, recycled products and waste reduction practices.

Systems and products in the EarthWays Home offer visitors a springboard to rethink product design and building operations to achieve affordable resource efficiency. Visitors will experience hands-on applications of sustainable lifestyle choices. Many existing features in the EarthWays Home are readily available for general construction and renovation. Examples of things to see:

* energy-efficient lighting sources
* recycled and non-toxic products
* water-saving fixtures
* recycling and composting systems
* energy-efficient window options
* blown-in cellulose insulation
* photovoltaic solar system powering high-efficiency kitchen appliances
* geothermal heating and cooling
* high-efficiency gas furnace
* efficient landscaping options

From what I understand, the building need major rennovations when the Garden bought it. It’s been turned into a really pleasant place to visit, and regularly holds events in conjunction with its public tours that showcase sustainable building and living practices. I haven’t visited in some time, but I’ll definitely be there for this month’s public tours.

Pledges: I’m ready to start accepting pledges for the Earthways Center. The standard pledge will be “per post”: you’ll pledge an amount that you’ll give for each post that I or a guest blogger makes during Blogging ‘Round the Clock. No pledge is too small, as it all goes to a very worthy cause. I’m estimating 50 posts during the event. Please email me with your pledge. At this point, I only need your name and email address (actually, that’s probably all I’ll ever need). I promise that I will not use your email address for anything other than contacting you about your pledge.

Guest posts: I’ve started to send out invitations to bloggers who’ve been a part of sustainablog’s community to donate a post to Blogging ‘Round the Clock, and am already excited about some of the guests that have volunteered. If you haven’t heard from me, don’t worry — you will. I’m trying to send out a few at a time just so Care2 doesn’t think I’m involved in some kind of spamming venture. Regardless, if you’re interested in contributing a post (and it doesn’t have to be a special post for the event — it could be something you normally post to your own blog), please don’t hesitate to email me.

This is already shaping up to be a fun event. Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions.

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