Is Business Sustainability an HR Issue?

It might well be, at least in the UK… Management-Issues.com notes that greening the company may be one of the better ways to attract top employees:

Being able to show you have green credentials is becoming increasingly important for employers looking to become a destination of choice for today’s job-seekers, new research has suggested.

Three quarters of British workers now consider it important to work for a company that is actively reducing its carbon emissions, according to the study from energy efficiency body the Carbon Trust.

The research has also found that more than eight out of 10 British workers want to cut the amount of energy they use at work and in the home to help the environment.

But, while the will is there, many workers complain they lack guidance or a lead from their employers.

One in four felt their company was not doing enough to cut its own carbon emissions, with fewer than a fifth saying their company ran programmes to help employees to become more energy efficient.

Dr Garry Felgate, director of business delivery and external relations, said: “The majority of UK employees want to become more environmentally friendly at work, but many don’t know where to start.

The rest of the article focuses on brief case studies of companies doing just that: showing their workers how to work more sustainably. Not only might this help to attract the top talent, but it also can result in cost savings:

“Our research shows that one in four workers doesn’t switch off the lights in a room that is not being used but nearly all (94 per cent) say they do when they’re at home.

“Simply by encouraging employees to bring their good energy habits into the workplace, businesses could reduce lighting bills by around 19 per cent a year, not to mention significantly lower their carbon emissions,” [Felgate] concluded.

One more piece of evidence for the “win-win” argument — hard to find a downside here…

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